Japanese Nail Salon M’s (emz),

We’re not only providing nail services but also giving you our Japanese OMOTENASHI (hospitality) spirits, and sense of security in terms of Hygiene.

So please sit back and relax while you are visiting us.



We follow Hygiene Standard for Nail Treatment


Procedures that involve skin penetration (which include cuticle cutting) premises must be registered with the local council.  We located in Sydney CBD so we registered with Sydney city council.

All reusable articles for skin penetration must be sterilised with bench-top steriliser that complies with AS 2182-1998 Sterilisers – Steam – Bench top. 

This is our Autoclave.

The same level as those used by dentists.


We put Cuticle nippers into each pouch before procedure through Autoclave, after washing and ultra-sonic cleaner.

We open each pouch in front of the customer when uses it.


This is a ultrasonic cleaner.

By wave motion, it will remove dirt (such as protein) which is invisible to the eyes. 


And this is a familiar UV sterilizer.

We use this UV sterilizer for most of instruments that do not involved skin penetration (eg: sponge file, dust brush, etc…).

The instruments are washed and cleaned (+ ultrasonic), dried and then put them in a UV sterilizer. 


For tools that can not be cleaned and sterilized, such as emery board, we use only once and then throw it away. (single use)

If you’d like to take the emery board we used for you, please let us know !

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